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Corona Virus

My Promise to You

With the Covid-19 outbreak and continuing spread of the disease, we are challenged to devise ways to keep our employees and patients safe during their on-going treatment.

As a sports massage therapist, I have allegiances to my patients, my good self, my insurance provider and the Associations that I represent. I will abide by all Government Guidelines set out for this industry and work to protect my patients and myself from any cross contamination of the disease. This will involve regular reviews of health and safety procedures in my clinic, as well as considering the comfort and confidence of my patients

A full risk assessment of my premises, relating to the spread of Covid-19, has been carried out and is available to view here

Improved new procedures and increased hygiene measures, to protect both myself and patients, have been introduced to the workplace and must be strictly adhered to during appointments. Please support me by accepting these measures and we will avoid any unnecessary spread of the disease.

Thank you for your patience and on-going loyalty, I look forward to seeing you for treatment once again.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment (PDF)

Covid-19 Information

Good News! I will be returning to clinic based appointments on Monday 12th April, in line with Government Guidelines.
If you can't wait until then, and would like to discuss your injury or get advice, don't forget we can have a Zoom appointment now!
Stay safe and Healthy.

New procedures

  1. Pre-appointment questions - on the day of your appointment, you will be contacted and asked a few questions to ensure you have no Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. There will be at least 30 mins between appointments, so you can feel safe knowing that you will not be crossing paths with other patients during your visit. Cleaning standards and a hygiene checklist will be available for you to view in the treatment room.
  3. Patient temperatures will be taken before we start the physical assessment using an infra red instrument and you will also be able to see my own records for the same day.
  4. I will wear the following Personal Protective Equipment for each patient contact appointment; plastic apron, mouth and nose mask, nitrile gloves and face shield. I ask that patients wear an approved 3 ply mouth and nose covering too. I can provide these masks for £1.
  5. You will be provided with a plastic box for your clothes and belongings, which will remain in the room and be disinfected between patients.
  6. Contact will be kept to a minimum, with the longest face to face appointments being 45mins.
  7. The room will be well ventilated to help circulate fresh air and any unnecessary soft furnishings removed.
  8. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL if you wish to be covered. I will not be providing towel cover due to the increased level of risk of virus spreading on soft furnishings.
  9. Please pay by contactless card payment for your appointment, this reduces transmission of Covid-19 via cash handling, thank you.
  10. Please read the following details before your arrival, thank you. Patient Arrival Instructions
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