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“I first visited Sarah when I thought I had sciatica which fortunately wasn't and after a few visits Sarah was able to relieve the pain and enable me to move without being uncomfortable. After a recent car accident seeing Sarah was top of my list as I knew she would be able help mobilise my body and help to reduce the pain I was suffering. Sarah is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and her passion for her job is infectious. I have learned many things about how to stand, sit and move to make my body work better for me. Sarah is able to provide exercises to do at home which will aid you in either your recovery or your help in everyday life. If you have a specific injury or you just want to move and feel better then I would highly recommend seeing Sarah.
Nadia, Busy Mum and Librarian, December 2020”

“I went to Sarah thinking the pain in my leg/ hip would need considerable work. She quickly diagnosed the problem and was able to bring instant relief. I walked out pain free with fabulous after care advice.
Gina, Personal Trainer, November 2020”

“A highly qualified sports massage in a professional, yet relaxing atmosphere. Sarah clearly knows her stuff and the many times Iíve been back for an appointment, I can honestly say the advice and the treatment given has been first class. Sheís kept me injury free since Iíve been going to her.
Graham, March 2020”

“Iíve been having sports massages from Sarah on a monthly basis for about 2-3 years now. She has been invaluable in terms of keeping my body fit and healthy for all the walking, running and cycling I do. She is genuinely interested and keen in ensuring your muscle and skeletal health and will often recommend exercises and changes to behavoir that you would never have even considered. Truly professional and approachable, working from an excellent therapy studio. I couldnít recommend her highly enough.
Chris, Feb 2020”

“I saw Sarah for an upper body sports massage and was very impressed by her professional manner, her knowledge and her treatment. Excellent service, spotless treatment room and results. Iíll definitely be recommending Sarah to my clients.
Elizabeth, December 2019”

“Thank you so much for today Sarah. You are so thorough in the way you treat and you go above and beyond the call of duty to try and improve bodily malfunctions! I really appreciated seeing you today and felt more positive when I left with an action plan.
Kate, Jan 2019”

“Twice I've been to Sarah in severe pain and both times she has helped to sort it when the doctors won't. Absolutely great. Highly recommend, go to see her,
Sophie, September, 2018”

“Just wanted to say thank you for keeping me injury free. Just allowing me to keep getting results and performances I only used to dream about. There's more to come,
Darren, Feb 2018”

“Hi Sarah, just want to say thank you for Monday. It's nice to meet someone so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I certainly feel better in myself both physically and mentally. I'm keeping up with the daily exercises, thank you,
Graham, Jan 2018”

“Iíve only heard good things from friends about Sarah so decided to go along for a sports massage, and Iíve never regretted it. She provides brilliant knowledge and support and the best sports massage
Jamie, Nov 2017”

“I survived a major trauma but was left with a lot of stiffness, stance and posture problems, pain and reduced mobility. I was encouraged by a dear friend to go and see Sarah; I am so glad I did. Sarah certainly has a special gift, is a true professional, never ceases to amaze me with her extensive knowledge and understanding, a friendly and inspiring person. With exercises to do in between treatments I am seeing great improvements in my recovery, I never thought this would have been possibleÖ.me being able to go to a gym!!!...wowÖ..its only 10 months ago when I couldnít garden, mow the grass, I had to sit in a chair in the middle of the flower bed with a spade determined to do some weeding as I couldnít stand for long, difficult to bend.... wasnít easy.
Sarah gave me hope again and healing. I can thoroughly recommend Sarah to you, a wonderful therapist.
Tony July 2017”

“I had been training for 2 marathons within 2weeks of each other and both were very important to me as I was raising money in memory of a close friend . I was getting very stressed about foot pain that I was experiencing which was making me believe that running the marathons might not be possible. I booked an appointment with Sarah and she saw me really quickly. I was so impressed how quickly she found what was causing the pain (and it wasn't the foot ! ) She explained exactly what was causing the problem and worked on the guilty muscle. The next day I was able to run 18 miles pain free and she gave me the confidence and reassurance that by following her advice and stretching differently I would be able to run the marathons . And I did ! I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to all of my running friends . She is extremely knowledgable and skilled and understands running and what it means to us!
Nikki, May 2017”

“Self referred myself to Sarah due to lower back pain, had my appointment today and now wish I had sooner! Sarah's extensive knowledge on the skeletal and muscular system not only helped diagnose and understand why I may be receiving the pain but also gave me preventatives for future reference. The massage itself was just the right pressure, not causing severe pain but enabling me to firmly feel a positive effect. The stretches were beyond what I could do myself, using important muscles within my inner core that provide strength. I'm feeling like I can move much more freely without so many twinges tonight. Sarah gave me some exercises at home to assist with her treatment today and I have rebooked for another session! All in all Sarah is professional and friendly, attentive, makes you feel at ease in a perfect environment and thorough throughout diagnosis and treatment. I will be definitely be recommending to others.
Holly May 2017”

“A regular runner taking part in many 10k and half marathons I started to experience very painful legs leading to many sleepless nights, after one appointment with Sarah this began to fade, I now visit Sarah on a monthly basis for a sports massage to keep this at bay. Sarah is very professional and certainly knows her work, Sarah is also very friendly and will put you at ease. I would highly recommend.
Claire May 2017”

“Hi Sarah,just a quick progress report, today I did my first 6 miles straight without any problem, total miles this week 14. I'd just like to thank you so much for helping me, I know I would've given up by now if it wasn't for your help. To think just a little while ago I couldn't even get past 3 miles because of the pain in my knee. So thank you again.
Rachel, March 2017”

“ A friend recommended Sarah. She is a brilliant therapist to see. Really knowledgeable, informative as she treats and thoroughly positive all round! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
Kate, March 2017 ”

“ Being a runner and having a knee injury which stops me from running isn't good and weeks of rest just wasn't helping so I went to see Sarah in January who gave me an assessment and advised me of the main cause which was weakness in other areas. She gave me a strengthening plan which we built on over the 4 sessions and by week 5 I am back out running again pain free & happy! Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She also does a great sports massage. Have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. Can't speak highly enough. THANK YOU!!
Lucy, Feb 2017 ”

“ Having entered the Manchester marathon this year, I have been going to see Sarah for a regular sports massage which always leaves my legs feeling fresh and ready for more punishment! Aside from this, Sarah gives great advice with any niggles and gives me really useful exercises to do to strengthen muscles in key areas.
Martin, Feb 2017 ”

“ Sorry I haven't got back to you (so much going on with school). Thank you for the treatment I haven't had any trouble with my legs since! I have been playing hockey, football and have been horseriding and it hasn't hurt once!
thank you so much.
Charlotte aged 12, Jan 2017 ”

“A mountaineering knee injury prompted my visit to Sarah; she identified heavy lifting injury through back (start point) translating to opposite knee (end point).
Four treatments later and I've gone from hobbling up the stairs bent over, three points of contact, to running across the road!
She's very attentive, amazingly accurate in her diagnosis and has a sense of humour! Currently referred to her three times already - thank you and looking forward to future preventative treatments.
Mark Hennel December 2016 ”

“My wife has just started seeing Sarah and is very happy with her thorough and thoughtful approach. In true athlete style Sarah likes to determine the root of the problem and fix it properly. After just two sessions, already seeing mobility improvement. Thank you! Jeff, November 2016”

“As a former Sports Massage Tutor at a central London school and a practitioner at all levels, from enthusiasts through to elite athletes, it's fair to say I have a good idea of what it takes to be a successful therapist.
Sarah has been treating me for a raft of osteo-arthritis related issues, and I have to say I found her knowledge and skill levels to be amongst the highest I have come across for one so early in her career.
She clearly "has the gift". Diagnosis - excellent. Treatment - first class. Professional ethics - faultless. And very reasonably priced, too.
I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah. Douglas Wood, Dip. ITEC (Distinction); MIPTI. October 2016”

“Sarah Clatworthy continues to keep me fully functioning and mobile. I really cannot recommend her enough to anyone that has suffered from stiffness, pain, posture issues. Her knowledge of muscles is mind blowing and to top it off she is a super, positive, friendly and inspiring person.
Go and give it a try, you won't be disappointed! Jo, August 2016”

“Sarah is a great physio, she offers a great informative service. I always come away having learnt something new. She is keen to get people back to full fitness and has helped me in the build up to VLM this year. Thanks Sarah. Alastair June 2016”

“Started having treatment off Sarah a few weeks been this years London Marathon,Was very impressed with the whole service from pricing to the fact i could have treatments after work.And the most important thing for me was Sarah found issues/problems I never knew or been told I had before.So with more and treatments hope to get these sorted ready for Gloucester Marathon and Ironman Wales later this year. Darren May 2016”

“Sarah's person centred approach is hard to beat, she educates as well as treats which enables me to help myself in between visits. The contribution her regular massage provides my long distance running is invaluable. I cannot recommend her enough. Phoebe 4 May, 2016”

“I was so pleased to find Sarah! Over the last few weeks she has made huge improvements to my knotted up neck and shoulders. Right from the first visit the acute pain was alleviated and she has systematically continued to ease the tension. Sarah gives helpful exercise suggestions and explains everything really thoroughly. I will be coming back on a regular basis to keep on top of it all & wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Adrienne. 25 March, 2016”

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