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Sarah Clatworthy

Sports Massage Therapy

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Whether you are looking for pain relief, increased mobility or to remain injury free, having a sports massage will always be money well spent! Apart from being relaxing and releasing those 'feel good' hormones, it relieves the aches and pains of everyday life, can target specific injuries and helps maintain the body in a better condition for the long term. For the athlete, by addressing those niggling injuries, it contributes to keeping performance at optimum levels and is an important part of psychological preparation.

 Twice I've been to Sarah in severe pain and both times she has helped to sort it when the doctors won't. Absolutely great. Highly recommend going to see her. 

Sophie Langdon, Dog Groomer
 I saw Sarah for an upper body Sports massage and was very impressed by her professional manner, her knowledge and her treatment. Excellent service, spotless treatment room and results. I'll definitely be recommending Sarah to my clients. 
Elizabeth Williams, GB Triathlete
 Been suffering for weeks with psoas strain but no improvement after seeing my doctor. After treatment with Sarah l was delighted with the results, symptoms so much better and feel positive now. She was very professional but took a different approach and looked at the problem with all her knowledge. 
Vicki Eyton-Jones, Retired
 A regular runner taking part in many 10k and half marathons I started to experience very painful legs leading to many sleepless nights, after one appointment with Sarah this began to fade, I now visit Sarah on a monthly basis for a sports massage to keep this at bay. Sarah is very professional and certainly knows her work, Sarah is also very friendly and will put you at ease. I would highly recommend. 
Claire Smith, Runner
 As a former Sports Massage Tutor at a central London school and a practitioner at all levels, from enthusiasts through to elite athletes, it's fair to say I have a good idea of what it takes to be a successful therapist. Sarah has been treating me for a raft of osteo arthritis related issues and I have to say I found her knowledge and skill levels to be amongst the highest I have come across for one so early into her career. She clearly "has the gift". Diagnosis - excellent. Treatment - first class. Professional ethics - faultless. And very reasonably priced too. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah. 
Douglas Wood, former Sports Massage Tutor
 Having entered the Manchester marathon this year, I have been going to see Sarah for a regular sports massage which always leaves my legs feeling fresh and ready for more punishment! Aside from this, Sarah gives great advice with any niggles and gives me really useful exercises to do to strengthen muscles in key areas. 
Martin Wood, Marathon Runner and Landscape Gardner
 Being a runner and having a knee injury which stops me from running isn't good and weeks of rest just wasn't helping so I went to see Sarah, who gave me an assessment and advised me of the main cause which was weakness in other areas. She gave me a strengthening plan which we built on over the 4 sessions and by week 5 I am back out running again pain free & happy! Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She also does a great sports massage. Have recommended her to others and will continue to do so. Can't speak highly enough. 
Lucy King, Runner and Busy Mum
 A mountaineering knee injury prompted my visit to Sarah; she identified heavy lifting injury through back (start point) translating to opposite knee (end point). Four treatments later and I've gone from hobbling up the stairs bent over, three points of contact to running across the road! She's very attentive, amazingly accurate in her diagnosis and has a sense of humour! Currently referred her three times already - thank you and looking forward to future preventative treatments. 
Mark Hennell, Landscape Business owner
 I had a treatment from Sarah, last week. As well as being an excellent physio she is so kind and compassionate. She certainly went the extra mile to help ease my pain and suffering! 
Angela Cleeve, Retired
 Sarah's knowledge, approach and techniques have surpassed all of my previous experiences and successes of sports massage over the last 15 years. She is incredibly thorough, develops a planned approach, and made a massive improvement to me in my first, and subsequent, visits. As a horse rider I have struggled to find someone that can explain what and why a specific muscle aches, relieve it. and then provide advice on how to prevent this happening again. In Sarah, I have found someone that can do all of these things. Highly recommended - you really won't be disappointed. 
Jo Cook, Horserider
 Started having treatment off Sarah a few weeks been this year's London Marathon, was very impressed with the whole service from pricing to the fact i could have treatments after work. The most important thing for me was Sarah found issues/problems I never knew or been told I had before. So with more and treatments hope to get these sorted ready for Gloucester Marathon and Ironman Wales later this year. 
Darren Jewell, Ironman Triathlete
 Sarah's knowledge of anatomy and muscles is amazing. She is great at getting to the root of the problem and guiding you through the treatment itself. She puts you at your ease and is uncannily good at spotting areas of muscle tension. I've been so impressed with her treatment of my shoulder and lower back problem, especially as the symptoms have virtually disappeared but also as she can suggest simple focused stretches to keep the muscles in good condition. I would totally recommend her! 
Graham Wright, Teacher

Based just outside Stroud and the Five Valleys area, in the village of Bisley, I already treat athletes from many different fields of sport, manual workers, desk bound workers and people who are on their feet all day, as well as senior citizens.

Injuries or problems such as arthritis, sprains and strains, nerve compression, sciatica, postural issues, lower back pain and hip and knee joint problems can affect anyone, so my treatment plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of my client.

Using methods such as Soft Tissue Massage, Triggerpoint, Muscle Energy Techniques and Positional Release amongst others, I can help restore balance and strength to your musculoskeletal system.

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